Our company culture

Hermes's excellent corporate culture is the result of constructive partnership. New ideas develop on the basis of respect, trust and joint collaboration. This is where innovative logistical solutions can grow.

For Hermes being fit to deal with the logistic challenges of the future means opening up perspectives and opportunities for employees within the company to develop professionally and personally in their home country and internationally.

Hermes Your logistics.That´s what we are proud of.

Close by, international, professional, committed. That's Hermes.

Business segment


Hermes groups its logistics services into two business segments: Solutions and Execution:

Solutions develops tailored contract logistics solutions. This business segment offers industry-specific transport and logistics concepts, especially for companies involved in industrial engineering, automotive, chemicals, electronics and high tech, and retail and fashion. 

Execution manages international shipments by air and sea as well as associated value-added logistics services. These operations are based on a strong global network ,close collaboration with partner companies.


As a company with global operations, Hermes is aware of the significance of compliance. Abiding by international and domestic laws and principles of compliance, taking account of customer requirements and respecting different cultures are all a matter of course for us.


The Hermes Code of Conduct applies to all employees and governs relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors and authorities – from the correct way of handling gifts and gratuities to the confidentiality of information and avoiding the appearance of nepotism. Training and audits ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct.